Smart Writing Elementary


This writing book is creatively designed to develop pupil’s writing skills. It starts with the basic writing strokes and moves forward to writing practice of the three letters of the alphabet, phrases, sentences, paragraphs and composition.


This provision is also done to sustain pupils’ interest – a reality that may not happen when they are asked only to copy letters, words, phrases, sentences and model paragraphs. An effort to integrate Good Manners and Right Conduct as well as transformational values is evident in the illustrations and in the exercises.

Unit Assessment Drills and Nerve Ticklers are given to reinforce learning and expose the pupils to more practice of previous lessons taught. With the efforts done to make the activities more interesting, the pupils are envisioned to develop love for writing and hone their competence in this particular macro skill in communication.

Corazon E. Santos
Zenaida Ylarde


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