Our Nations Hereos


Our nation’s heroes come in all types. There are those who lead soldiers in the battlefield. There are those who use the power of words, written or spoken, to inspire people to fight for freedom. There are also those who are content to remain in the background, helping and giving support to others. They are all heroes, people from all walks of life, whose lives influenced our country’s history. Warriors, leaders, protectors, and teachers whose actions helped us become a nation.
This book gives young learners a glimpse of our nation’s history, as seen through the lives of men and women who helped shaped the story of how our nation came to be. The biographies presented in the book provide basic information about the hero: Who is the person? How did the person become a hero? Why is the person famous? What is this person’s legacy/impact? And lastly, how the person serves as an inspiration for later generations.
The end of each biography is a mini-glossary, where definitions for certain words are given in the context they are used in the selection.
The profiles of fifty men and women presented in this book serves as an introduction, and, the author hopes, as an encouragement for children to read and learn more about the lives of fifty of the nation’s heroes.

- The Author -


It is important to be brave.
It is important that we do our best to love our country
just as much as we love ourselves and our family.
It is important to fight for what is right
even if it means choosing the dark and scary path.
In hopeless places, we take the chance to burn bright;
there, we sacrifice ourselves to be the light.
We dream with eyes open.
We dream with hearts yearning.
We dream with hands working.
And when we dream, it is important that we make
our struggling countrymen a part of that dream.
Ordinary persons can lead extraordinary lives.

- Christine Magpayo -

Gerry Sitjar
Christine Joy S. Magpayo


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