Nurturing Science


A work text designed to aid students in their science requirement under the K-12 Curriculum. Units are organized by topics based on the Grade 7 K-12 Curriculum. Each topic contains the following standards: Content Standards, Performance Standards, and Learning Competencies. Each chapter has features like:


  • Get On – Encourages students to explore and to develop their investigatory skills as they read, write, draw, graph, and self-assess.
  • Get Go – Chapter introduction that promotes inquiry and interaction through various activities.
  • Get Done – Contains more inquiry in more places, and addresses both the activity-oriented teacher and the textbook-focused teacher, featuring a variety of hands-on and minds-on inquiry options to keep students engaged.
  • Get Deep – Contains a wide variety of assessment opportunities; students will have the opportunity to self-assess while the teacher confirms students’ understanding through multiple assessment types.
  • Wrap-up – Provides detailed chapter summary.
  • Breakthrough – Features important scientific inventions and discoveries at the end of each chapter.

The work text would greatly benefit students as it follows the K-12 Curriculum as prescribed by the Department of Education, as well as inspired by the Understanding by Design framework. Teachers will also find this work text a tremendous boon, since it has teaching supplements to correlate essential understandings, knowledge, and skills of the students. The work text has an accompanying Teacher’s Manual that would further make learning an enjoyable ride to discovery.

Dr. Nonato Cabal
Crisencio M. Paner
Nerissa K. Torreta


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