The worktext, Developing Skills in Music, Art and Physical Education introduces young learners to the visual and tactile elements of art-lines, colors, shapes and textures. Art lessons are presented to provide the pupils an enjoyable yet challenging guide to learn about these elements.


The learners are also given the freedom to create, to explore, to experience, and to appreciate art. The work text encourages them to express themselves in a positive way, and help them discover their creativity.

In Let Us Sing, there is variety of children’s songs where pupils’ perform steady beat through clapping, tapping and snapping their fingers. Singing a song in varying loudness allow for greater appreciation and understanding of the song. Echo activities by replicating familiar songs facilitate greater song familiarization.

In addition, singing listening to music enhance and promote language development, coordination, creativity and social skills.

In Let Us Move, the games are simple, enjoyable and appropriate for the young beginner. Activities for the development of the gross motor skills are well-provided as well as health and safety awareness.

Ma. Martine Theresa P. Reyes
Christine Lara O. Cortez
Lorna L. Zabala
Dr. Cecilia P. Lacson


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