Joy of MAPEH


This educational material is designed and meticulously researched by the authors to be an important tool to the development of the child in every way: emotionally, intellectually, aesthetically, and physically.

Moreover, Physical and Health Education provide our children with important and necessary tools to guide them in keeping fit and to be mentally and physically healthy.

The authors took special care in choosing songs, art activities, games, exercises, and well-explained lessons in the book to ensure the proper and holistic development of the Filipino child.


Filled with meticulously chosen songs, art activities, games, exercises, and carefully prepared lessons, this worktext series is designed to guide and inspire learners to do their best through Music to enjoy, Arts to appreciate, P. E. to join in, and Health to learn about.

The authors selected appropriate songs, art activities, games, exercises, along with well-explained lessons in the worktext to ensure the proper and holistic development of the students.

At the end of each worktext is a page where students can express themselves freely. They can write what they think and what they want.

Expressing themselves through writing helps a lot in becoming better students.

Asila E. Lazona. MT2
Benjamin M. Castro, MT2
Donnel P. Placer, MT1, JT2
Elisa A. Lopez MT2
Estrellita M. Jingco, MT2
Ma. Jocelyn D. Torres, MT2
Ruth Anne A. Larracas
Ruth A. Larracas
Rhonald De Vera, MT2
Jinabelle V. Prieto, MT1
Natividad G. Corpuz, MT2
Andrea Luz B. Ylan MT1
Dr. Felix P. Ellano
Ruth A. Larracas


Written by topnotch educators, these worktexts are essential tools for young learners as they start their journey into the world of learning. Books to guide, books to have fun with, and books to spark a lifelong love of learning.


These worktexts are designed to help students think critically, and give them a strong foundation to help them prepare for the next stage in their education.


Meticulously designed to advance the aims of the K-12 curriculum, these worktexts help students develop communication and problem-solving skills, acquire lasting values, and provide guidance on how to successfully navigate their expanding world.


These are worktexts designed to prepare students for higher learning and equip them with the competence to tackle challenges in the next stage of their education.