CBT Language


Crossing Boundaries through Language. This series helps young learners to become aware not only of themselves, but of the world around family, school and environment. Through activities that challenges young minds, the children will surely be motivated to learn more of the world.

Concepts are presented in an attractive and modernistic style. This fresh approach is designed to make learning a gratifying experience for kids.


The book also has activities that are fun and enjoyable; at the same time, these activities allow pupils to practice their new-found skills and help guide them in the application of the things they learned from the lessons.

Each unit of this book is designed for a unified whole; lessons in these Units guide the pupils to an exploration of their world – their family, their community, and their school, with themselves at the center. Pupils are guided to help them realize how they interact with, and how they are affected by, the things around them.

They are introduced to people and things that populate their world: the roles these people play, the places they are most familiar with, the various events that happen around them, and the pupils’ relationship with all of these. ·

An indispensable learning tool for young pupils, this book is designed to make pupils want to learn more, and to help them realize that learning is, indeed, as easy as ABC.

Anna Patricia F. Diuco
Ma. Martine Theresa P. Reyes
Teresita Arcos-Surot
Ma. Liza G. Garcia
Hazel I. Pangilinan
Dr. Cecilia P. Lacson


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