CBT English


Crossing Boundaries through English (Integrated Reading and Language) attempts to show an interface between Understanding by Design (UbD) framework and K to 12 Curriculum. It does not only conform with the Department of Education’s latest released K to 12 Curriculum in English but also goes beyond the content and performances standards it has set. The treatment for each module clearly shows how the learners are led to acquire knowledge and skills, make meaning of the newly learned skills, and then transfer such learning.


This facet of teaching and learning is consistent with the three stages of UbD which are: Acquisition, Meaning-making and Transfer ( A-M-T). The close scrutiny of the topics offered in this series will show that the range of competencies goes beyond the content and performance standards defined by the said new curriculum.

Additionally, lessons are designed in such a way that the language skills learned are in the context of their use in order to allow the pupils to grasp the topics in the content subjects simultaneously with language. This series therefore, together with each accompanying Teacher’s Manual, if used intelligently, will make learning English language lessons more significant and meaningful. Thus, it will lead both the teachers and the pupils to a greater satisfaction.

Teresita Arcos Surot
Jennifer A. Jalego
Angelica E. Oconer
Daria P. Himongala
Hazel I. Pangilinan
Jennie V. Jocson
Jenny Feirr L. Santos
Rosana G. Batac
Victoria R. Mayo
Ma. Liza G. Garcia
Teresita Arcos Surot


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