BGT English


This book, which presents comprehensive lessons in both language and literature, is designed to meet the growing needs, abilities and interest of students in this increasingly complex world. The young people of today must necessarily be different from the young people of the past. They begin to acquire an awareness of the social economic throes of the present-day world, thereby inevitably coloring their fancies and sense of beauty with the hard facts of life.


In response to the challenges and demands of the K to 12 Curriculum, the authors have opted to create more engaging lessons that deepen the 21st Century learners’ understanding of essential ideas, and strengthen their skills and competencies based on the content and performances standards indicated in the Basic Education Curriculum by the Department f Education. Thus, the authors of this book have recognized and nurtured all of the varied human intelligences, and all of the combinations of intelligences among students. Through this recognition, students’ learning and problem solving abilities will be increased. Furthermore, the different learning tasks help the teachers bring relevant real-life situations to the classroom, which help the students understand the current affairs, issues and concerns of the many facets of their global village.

Francis P. Magno
Dr. Ines Llopis-Inocencio
Diana Derla-Atlas


Written by topnotch educators, these worktexts are essential tools for young learners as they start their journey into the world of learning. Books to guide, books to have fun with, and books to spark a lifelong love of learning.


These worktexts are designed to help students think critically, and give them a strong foundation to help them prepare for the next stage in their education.


Meticulously designed to advance the aims of the K-12 curriculum, these worktexts help students develop communication and problem-solving skills, acquire lasting values, and provide guidance on how to successfully navigate their expanding world.


These are worktexts designed to prepare students for higher learning and equip them with the competence to tackle challenges in the next stage of their education.