Amazing Maths


WELCOME to the exciting world of Mathematics! Whether you realize it or not, you see and use mathematics every day. The lessons and activities in this worktext will help you enjoy mathematics and become better mathematicians.

This revised edition of AMAZING MATHS is based on the K to 12 Mathematics Curriculum prescribed but the Department of Education. The goals are to:


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  • Provide the learners solid foundation for Mathematics.
  • Provide necessary concepts and life skills needed by Filipino learners as they proceed to the next stage in their life as learners and as citizens of our beloved country, the Philippines.
  • This book will help you build on the mathematical skill you already know, as you explore new ideas.
  • Each lesson starts with Get Involved, an introduction to the lesson the pupil will encounter.
  • Get Directed generates thought-provoking ideas about the lesson.
  • Get Engaged is a computation activity, problem solving exercises, games and puzzles form part of the guided practice and skill development exercises. Working in group, you will solve problem using many different strategies.
  • In Exercises, you will learn how to find the best way to solve math problems. You’ll find games that will give you chance to practice and put to use many of the skills you will be learning.
Angel Lou B. More
Dr. Jerico B. Bacani
Lina B. Mercado
Marta Elisa R. Pacis
Joyce Ann Sangalang-Novio
Leony O. Bay
Lyndell Negado
Luz O. Solas
Jim Patrick L. Castillo
Linda L. Vibal
Leony O. Bay
Rowena B. Malasig


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