Amazing Math


The Amazing Maths worktexts build on the children’s curiosity and enthusiasm and encourage them to discover math concepts, to be critical thinkers and problem-solvers in the process of play, in interacting with the environment and in manipulating toys and real objects. It is well-grounded in the knowledge of children’s development and learning across all interrelated areas – cognitive, linguistic, physical and social-emotional.


The development of math concepts, processes and skills on the content areas of Numbers and Number Sense, Measurement, Shapes and Sense of Shape (Geometry), Collecting and Using Information (Statistic) are based on the framework prepared by the Philippine Council of Mathematics Teacher Educators, Inc. and the Department of Science and Technology–Science Education Institute for DEP. Ed’s K-12 Curriculum Guide.

Each lesson encourages the learners to be curious, attentive, accurate, confident, smart, responsible and to have fun in each learning encounter, A Quick Check is a brief review of the lessons.

Varied activities and situations ensure a purposeful Math learning where the children could meaningfully connect ideas and concepts in their experiences with their family, friends, neighbors, their community and the outside world.

Dr. Cecilia P. Lacson


Written by topnotch educators, these worktexts are essential tools for young learners as they start their journey into the world of learning. Books to guide, books to have fun with, and books to spark a lifelong love of learning.


These worktexts are designed to help students think critically, and give them a strong foundation to help them prepare for the next stage in their education.


Meticulously designed to advance the aims of the K-12 curriculum, these worktexts help students develop communication and problem-solving skills, acquire lasting values, and provide guidance on how to successfully navigate their expanding world.


These are worktexts designed to prepare students for higher learning and equip them with the competence to tackle challenges in the next stage of their education.